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Welcome to Tenways Engineering Technical Data Library for Daikin UK Air Conditioning Systems. 
This website is designed for architects, engineers, installers and end users. Please browse through our Library to download the information you require. Browsing is very simple, just click on type of system (left buttons) or year of manufacture (top buttons). 

As D1 Approved Installers, We are committed to quality - both in the equipment we supply and the services that are provided to our customers. Not only do we offer air conditioners and air cooling systems, but also a complete range of solutions, controls, services and products. 

Our Engineers are trained by Daikin on a regular basis and have exceptional knowledge of Daikin UK Air conditioning systems. 

Tenways is: 
- Leader in air treatment products 
- Technical innovation, high quality level and diversified products 
- Meets any market requirements 
Tenways boasts to offer the complete line of air conditioners and cooling systems to meet any requirements – domestic, professional and commercial.